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Hose 1 x 35 Truck Protection Recap all Cal OES Owned Special Equipment Carried 95. Can s Fuel Chainsaw Flotopump 1 or 2 Note For 67 94 OES E339-E387 have a total of two 2 fuel cans - one for straight gasoline portable pump generator and one for 50 1 mixed fuel Chainsaw. 96. Haul Bag 97. Rope x 50 Utility in bag SIGNED TITLE ASSIGNEE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRIBUTION Driver s Side Compartment Above Rear Tires Compartment Cross-Thru w/Slide Tool Tray FIRE NAME STRIKE TEAM FIRE Note any equipment...
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You've seen them drive down the street you've probably been stopped where they change the road lights why they passed you by you've seen these large pieces of equipment drive by and wondered what are they worthy for how much do they cost and why is my tax dollars paying for it I'm Dave Smith I'm here with chief idled our to talk about what it's all about chief what are they enter this is a 2012 Smeal 100-foot aerial has a 2,000 gallon per minute pump we purchased this for about nine hundred thousand are the new ones right now run about 1.1 million to 1.2 million that's what no hose no equipment on it just for the truck this is an aerial tower so it has a basket on the end of it so the guys can stand in the basket and shoot water down to the fire now you're asking yourself why do we have this in a community that doesn't have very many tall buildings except maybe the hospital you also need this for homes to get up on the roof sometimes you also need it for large huge buildings like came our Kmart Wal Mart things like that to get up on top of those buildings because when the fire spreads you need something to get up there and stop the fire so that's why we have this vehicle and probably spreading the hit and just putting the water down is probably a better angle than to get the fire out as long as our guys are not inside ok we can push it down we don't want to get pushing it down if they're inside so that's why there's a huge coordination on the site of a fire to determine where people are at any given time now a million dollars for this or one like this what's your life expectancy on we hope to get 20 years out of it our last ladder lasted us 20 years we are sewing it now because it's at the end of its life expectancy this one we hope to get 20 years out of it also but as a maintenance cost goes up then you have to decide whether you want to keep it refurb it or buy a new one by the time this one is ready to be replaced we're probably looking at 1.5 to 1.6 million dollars for a new one so we are already putting money off to the side to save for that in the future so we don't have to have huge loans or huge outlay of cash all at one time we have worked it over the years that's very smart thinking good to see that the board is moving that far ahead the fire department aboard we usually try to work out our plans to about 10 to 15 years ahead for vehicle replacement okay can we walk through this absolutely all right chief first things first I see a lot of shiny gauges and buttons and valves and things what is this well on this particular unit we do have a pump so we can supply this with another engine we also have some water on here but this is a two thousand gallon permitted pump Wow so we have our discharges the larger ones are using intakes okay we can hook this right up to another engine or hook that up to a hydrant and supply this pump and then we have the discharges and there's not a whole lot of discharges on this one because we have the big...